Hooray. It’s Blue Monday.

Blue Monday has a bad reputation. Like, really bad. According to a British psychologist, the third Monday in January is the day of the year when most people feel sad and melancholy. The kind of day where you start crying in the shower and just want to get back in bed and curl up like a foetus. Well, good thing we’re a creative agency. We came up with some tips, tricks and life hacks to help our team – and whoever is reading this - go to their happy place during the saddest day of the year.

Read on to turn that frown upside down.

Get physical.

Getting up early isn’t always easy. Especially on Blue Monday. But that’s exactly what you should do: wake up early and do some exercise before work. Your endorphin levels will rise, your smile will grow and Blue Monday will be all like: “Huh, what’s happening?”

Have a virtual coffee.

You know who else is having trouble with Blue Monday? Your colleagues. So pick your favourite co-worker, press that video call button and have a virtual coffee together. And don’t worry if you’re having a bad hair day, you can always turn off your video.

Stop. What. You’re. Doing.

Nothing scares off the blues during a working day like taking short, regular breaks. So stretch those muscles, flex that brain and grab some fresh air or a snack from the fridge. But avoid the temptation to stream the end of that episode you were watching the night before… or you’re screwed.

Take off your pants.

Nothing says home working like those grey, smelly sweatpants you’ve been wearing for a week. Get energised during the most depressing day of the year and try on that new outfit you ordered online. There’s nothing like feeling glamorous on the most depressing day of the year.

Make a cosy cave.

By now you probably know every square centimetre of your home office by heart. Don’t despair: with just a few small changes, you can make your home office cosy. Think bright pillows, powerful quotes on the wall and scented candles. Or if you’re really feeling adventurous: a lava lamp!

Take it eaaaaasy.

We know how you feel: it’s Monday, your inbox exploded over the weekend and you’re anxious to get started. Like a race horse, you can’t wait to start galloping through the week. Our tip: don’t overdo it today. There’s nothing wrong with Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

There you have it, folks. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll survive Blue Monday. Hey, you might even whistle. Or high five yourself in the mirror. Don’t forget: you’re awesome. You’ve got this!